What Is The Best Paper For Lino Printing?

It’s hard to say what the best paper for lino printing is, as the selection of papers to choose from is quite vast. A few tips and rules to choose a paper for lino printing are listed below.

  • Use papers that are 200gsm+ (Some recommend lighter paper as they require less pressure to print)
  • Use specialist printmaking papers or watercolour paper.
  • If the paper is too thin it will buckle when dried, can use light paper for proof printing.
  • Smoother papers produce a more consistent print with less flecking (Paper shows through print)
  • Textured papers can be used to create a more unique texture and intricate lino print.
  • Final cut of the paper should leave some border of non printed paper, make sure to leave some space.

Recommended Lino Paper Printing Brands

A few good brands of printmaking paper are Fabriano, Somerset and Strathmore; they are all well known to produce high quality printmaking papers.

List Of Paper For Lino Printing

Paper Type Suppliers
Fabriano Fabriano 300gsm Paper - 25 Sheets 700mm x 500mm
Somerset Somerset 300gsm Paper - 25 Sheets 560mm x 760mm
Fabriano Rosaspina Fabriano Rosaspina 285gsm Paper - 25 Sheets 700mm x 500mm
Zerkall Printing Paper
Snowdon Printing Paper
Hosho Japanese Paper